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S2CS 25Oct2009 19:50

New to the site
This is Wayne and I'm on here to get a better understanding of programming not to do it myself but to be able to communicate the language to a programmer.

I'm looking to get a website done preferably a wordpress theme in addition to something an appointment scheduler similar to Stanleysteemer.com.
Any and all responses will be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced


shabbir 26Oct2009 15:42

Re: New to the site
Moved to Freelance Marketplace.

S2CS 26Oct2009 17:22

Re: New to the site
What programming info would i give a developer, because i have no idea what type of site that is?

shabbir 26Oct2009 18:39

Re: New to the site
Definitely its not wordpress but you can have the work done in PHP / ASP

S2CS 26Oct2009 23:59

Re: New to the site
So you're saying that i can't have the word press theme and the appointment scheduler together?

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