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low1988 22Oct2009 08:00

Data Structure Scenario
I have a school project which is about :

Access points are installed on airport hallway to enable users to communicate over the internet. Assuming passengers are holding a PDA. To enable them to stay connected to the internet, the AP will assign dynamic IP to each passenger. Each AP maintains a table of IPs (maximum 3 each). As passenger moves away from an AP the IP will be released, while another passenger moving closer to an AP will be assigned an available IP. Packet sent by a passenger nearest to an AP will arrive earlier than packet sent by farther away passenger. Later packet received may not be assigned with IP if all IPs are allocated.

I am not asking about the code , i just want some suggestion from u guys ,what should be display at first on the main menu of the program.I am looking forward to implement the queue or stack technique for the project objective for assign the limited 3 IP.I'm confuse about the main interface of the program whether i should input something for the case above or select different scenario .

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