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Assi9 21Oct2009 13:56

BCNF question
Hello friends. I come to you with another noob-level question. You see I've never normalised any table up to BCNF. I have drawn up some tables for my assignment, could you help me normalise them to BCNF, please? Here are just two of them:

Lecturer(Lecturer_ID, Date_Hired)
Consultant(Consultant_ID, Full_Name, Address, Phone, Hourly_Rate)

Please, please help.

nimesh 21Oct2009 23:22

Re: BCNF question
Isn't there any connection between the two tables?
I mean can a consultant be a lecturer? or vice-versa?

Assi9 22Oct2009 00:52

Re: BCNF question
Oh, hi Nimesh! How are you doing? Once again you save me. Well, Lecturer and Consultant aren't related. Consultant actually refers to external consultants who have participated in administrative projects by the college. Those two tables are part of many more entities. Consultant is actually related to Admin_Project while Lecturer is related to the Academic_Department entity.

nimesh 22Oct2009 01:07

Re: BCNF question
These look pretty simple ones, I don't see any issue for not being in BCNF form.

Assi9 22Oct2009 17:28

Re: BCNF question
Thanks again Nimesh!

nimesh 22Oct2009 20:07

Re: BCNF question

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