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Lateef Odumesi 20Oct2009 19:47

Please, sombody help with my prog.
Hi All,
Greetings to you here, I'm Lateef Odumesi, an online business expert and a programmer for that matter, I'm happy being on this forum.

Please, I'm having problem with one of my programs so I need the code to generate the sequence of random numbers after giving the input of three different numbers.
The program should be able to accept input of first, second, third and possibly fourth number then detect the formular or progression and continue the sequence.

Expample of such sequence are:
49059, 49405, 47231, 47325
another sequence: 50765, 51168, 50378
I want to know the formular and continous sequence.

Looking forward to your quick and positive response.

Thanks in anticipation for your support.

xpi0t0s 21Oct2009 03:28

Re: Please, sombody help with my prog.
What do you think would be next in the sequence 49059, 49405, 47231, 47325?
How did you work it out?

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