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MrDexter 17Oct2009 15:40

HI, I'm Alex
Hello, I'm Alexandr. I'm 21 and i am a student. Nice to be heare and speak with all of you)) if you want to communicate with me visit my page in one of sotial network -
<<Dropped>> my id in registration link)Thanks)

shabbir 17Oct2009 18:49

Re: HI, I'm Alex
Hi Alex and welcome to the forum but link is dropped

MrDexter 18Oct2009 01:14

Re: HI, I'm Alex
sorry for link)

shabbir 18Oct2009 10:34

Re: HI, I'm Alex
Its ok

senaratne 19Oct2009 20:31

Re: HI, I'm Alex
Welcome in here, Alex.

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