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hsash 12Oct2009 15:19

copy from 2D array to 3D array
hi all!

im having trouble copying from 2d array to 3d array. im not sure this is correct. can anyone help me? i suspect the error is in the last line.


void TwoDimToThree()
int i,j,k;
int row=512,col=512,slice;
//int slice_no = sav_slice_no[300];

thank you!

shabbir 12Oct2009 17:33

Re: copy from 2D array to 3D array
your image2D you are copying should be function of loop variables.

xpi0t0s 13Oct2009 13:16

Re: copy from 2D array to 3D array
Impossible to answer, since we don't know what you're trying to achieve. Are you copying from the 2D array to a single "slice" of the 3D array, or are you copying it to multiple slices? Are you mapping 2D pixels to exactly the same pixel in the slice, i.e. does 2D[p][q] get stored in 3D[slice][p][q]?

Is your 2D array really called "image3D"? Using misleading variable names is a great way to confuse yourself.

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