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shabbir 8Oct2009 21:19

Post Stamp | 8 Oct 2009
When stamps started in 1840 it was all black but soon was changed to Red and can you find the reason why?

sameer_havakajoka 8Oct2009 23:12

Re: Post Stamp | 8 Oct 2009
It was changed to red ink to make the cancellation marks much easier to distinguish.

sameer_havakajoka 8Oct2009 23:14

Re: Post Stamp | 8 Oct 2009
it was difficult to see a black postmark on a black stamp the color was changed to red in 1841. It was a matter of concern that there was a possibility that the cancellation might be removed from the used adhesive stamp. Many experiments were made to produce a black ink which could not be removed. On 21st July 1840 Rowland Hill wrote that one:

'Mr Donovan, a chemist of Dublin had succeeded in removing not only the black but also the red colour of the obliterating stamps.'

shabbir 9Oct2009 11:22

Re: Post Stamp | 8 Oct 2009

nimesh 10Oct2009 12:04

Re: Post Stamp | 8 Oct 2009
nice question :)

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