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fan434ever 5Oct2009 14:43

Home Lan problem

My house has 3 computers, one is used as a server(winserver 2003) and the other two are used as clients. I share files among clients via Z drives.
(People set this up for me )

I now search the server computer to see there is no such Z drive that is used as a storage for file sharing among the clients. I am soooooo new to this and really soooo worried.
I intend to call the techguy who once set it up for me but I am thinking he might charge me high. How much do you think he will ask for in this case ? I am thinking it is around $1000

Thank you

pradeep 5Oct2009 16:16

Re: Home Lan problem
LOL! You can get this done for free!
Goto the server machine, share the folder you want, goto the client machines, right-click on My Computer icon on the Desktop select Map Network Drive, enter the path to the shared folder on the server machine and the drive letter you want. That's it!

fan434ever 6Oct2009 09:17

Re: Home Lan problem
Could you tell me why I should offer it free ?

shabbir 6Oct2009 11:30

Re: Home Lan problem
You are not offering for free but you are getting it for free.

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