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rawaldream 1Oct2009 13:22

unbale to use string class
HI all
I am just learning the C++ programing.
I am not able to use string class on my program. I installed turboc3 in the system.
Include <String.h> libraray
and there in INclude directory there is string.h file.

but still I am getting the compilation erroe undefined name string
I am using like this
include <iostream.h>
int main()
string a;
cin >> a;
return 0;
error message a undefined.
string not defined

could any one help me

thanks in advance.
could send me mail rawalssm@gmail.com

xpi0t0s 2Oct2009 12:54

Re: unbale to use string class
Try "#include" instead of "include".

rawaldream 3Oct2009 12:11

Re: unbale to use string class

Originally Posted by xpi0t0s (Post 58291)
Try "#include" instead of "include".

Thanks I used the same thing.
still unable to use String class.

xpi0t0s 4Oct2009 22:44

Re: unbale to use string class
Possibly string only exists in the std namespace; if so you'd have to prefix it with std::.

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