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coolerfantasy 1Oct2009 00:32

Hi to All
i have access mdb file and need to use dialog based mfc application that contain
(ms ADO version 6) activeX then use it to add,delete,search my database
with editboxes (no datagrid or msado dll) should be used , is it possible ?
thank you for advance .

coolerfantasy 1Oct2009 17:05

Re: Hi to All
:confused: Why no one answered me yet ?? is it impossible?

shabbir 1Oct2009 19:39

Re: Hi to All
Probably no one is willing to re-invent the wheel

coolerfantasy 2Oct2009 09:00

Re: Hi to All

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 58256)
Probably no one is willing to re-invent the wheel

' shabbir ' I think no one need to **** your mother jackass
i thought Indians are polite , but i was wrong
so **** you , **** your poor forum , **** all indians black idiots
Thats last time i log here

shabbir 2Oct2009 09:20

Re: Hi to All
Nice to hear that and you are such a genius that a one line of mine gave you good understanding of billion people of this planet. What could be more encouraging for me but I guess I have better understand of UAE people now. How genius you people are.

fusimas 17Nov2009 08:53

Re: Hi to All
Well, great work! You have helped me to improve my knowledge about this field. Thank you so much for sharing.

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