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seopeter 29Sep2009 20:50

Social Media and SEO
Which social media you most, i use twitter for micro blogging and facebook

shabbir 29Sep2009 21:22

Re: Social Media and SEO
I hope you don't use social media for SEO but for marketing your website?

urminenow 6Oct2009 09:33

Re: Social Media and SEO
I am using a lot of social media to promote my site like multiply, facebook, twitter, flingr, bebo and etc..

3vmarketing 6Oct2009 12:38

Re: Social Media and SEO
Likewise, I'm using twitter and Facebook
In addition these are the social networking that I am using ning, myspace, linkedin, and naymz!:nice:

nikonjems 14Oct2009 22:13

Re: Social Media and SEO
i like facebook among them.

yohan 30Oct2009 10:57

Re: Social Media and SEO
I also use twitter and facebook. I do get huge amount of traffic with these social networking sites.

netbiz 30Oct2009 16:17

Re: Social Media and SEO
I use twitter.

stephen186 7Nov2009 00:08

Re: Social Media and SEO
Twitter and Facebook goes fine for me. Before I include them in my list, I would just like to know if I am right or wrong: Do Digg, Delcious, SU, Reditt and YBuzz fall in the category of Social Media, cos if they do, then I prefer them over Facebook and Twitter anytime.

cuinee 4Dec2009 04:56

Re: Social Media and SEO
Facebook and twitter are are good source of traffic. Engaging on these social networking sites may have a better chances to increase the amount of traffic that you are getting.

technica 4Dec2009 17:27

Re: Social Media and SEO
Social sites may give quick good traffic but they are not that good for long term goals. other thing is if your content is really of quality then you can use social sites for getting fast backlinks.

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