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smj01 28Sep2009 19:01

file extensions .pwc7 and .wbc
what does the file extentsions .pwc7 and .wbc mean?

SaswatPadhi 28Sep2009 19:44

Re: file extensions .pwc7 and .wbc
Not sure abt pwc7, but wbc extension can be one of the following :

WinBatch Script File : File extension is used by WinBatch. File contains encoded script.
WebShots File : File extension used by Webshots. File contains picture image.

Source : www.File-Extensions.org

exile 28Sep2009 19:59

Re: file extensions .pwc7 and .wbc
i love this forum :)
nothing like: "GOOGLE IT FAGGOT!!!", just help and source for next occasion... nice :)

smj01 29Sep2009 00:35

Re: file extensions .pwc7 and .wbc
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.

Exile, you're absolutely right. I was on one "techie" website and I asked a question. My response from someone was http://www.nexttimejustf'ingoogleit.com (of course the "F" word was spelled out. Needless to say I don't go to that site anymore.

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