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max_power 25Sep2009 13:02

Database driven Calendar
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First of all I am very new to C# and its concepts. What I wanted is to build a database driven standalone winforms based application (Calendar) that can help me keep track of appointments and so forth, so I came across an example on the internet but the problem is it stores the appointment title, startdate, enddate, colors in a hash table list rather than a sql server DB. My question is how can I store the data a DB (insert/update/delete)? So far I have made a couple of adjustments to it, but adding two buttons, a delete appointment button that just deletes the appointment from the list and a save appointment button that saves the startdate and enddate in a DB. I would like everything (inserts/edits/delete) to go to a sql db rather than the list.

I have attached all the source files with this post so if someone can please go through it and help me, it would be appreciated.


shabbir 25Sep2009 14:22

Re: Database driven Calendar
Instead of attaching try posting code that you see as problematic.

max_power 25Sep2009 15:28

Re: Database driven Calendar
Well that's my problem, since I didn't write the code and I am a beginner at C#, I don't know where to make the changes necessary. That's what I need help with and thus I have attached the source files. If that makes sense. :o

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