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Hack for cash prizes & more: NYU:poly's 6th annual CTF on Oct.10 2009.
Cyber Security Awareness Week - cash prizes for hacking competitions

Short version: Students can compete in hacking competition held as part of NYU:Poly’s Cyber Security Awareness Week. Cash prizes and scholarships are awarded to the winners.

Official announcement:
The ISIS lab presents NYU-Poly's 6th annual Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) where students can compete and win prizes in a variety of information security challenges. CSAW has a number of information security competitions which are judged by security experts. The event culminates with presentations by industry leaders and an awards ceremony on November 13th.

Students: Register now for your chance at winning one of our many competitions!

About the competitions:
CTF- Application Security Challenge: detect application security vulnerabilities. Online event. Embedded Systems Challenge: analyze an infected hardware platform.
Cyber Forensics Challenge: solve a fictional murder mystery.
Research Award: present original research.
Security Awareness Poster Competition: design a visually-compelling message regarding a topic in the area of information security.
Quiz Tournament: go head-to-head against other teams for questions from digital security topics.


First - $500
Second - $250
Third - $100
Visit the website for complete details

Capture the Flag: Application Security Challenges
Dino Dai Zovi , Stephen Ridley , Dean De Beer, Erik Cabetas .

Research Award
• Grady Summers, Chief Information Security Officer, General Electric
• Sanjay Macwan, Assistant Vice President, AT&T Chief Security Office

About the ISIS lab:
NYU-Poly's ISIS lab is an NSF-funded lab and a NSA designated Center of Excellence that provides focus for multidisciplinary research and hands-on education in emerging areas of information security. Current research areas include computer and network security, digital forensics, hardware for secure systems, digital watermarking and steganography. For more information about ISIS and the scholarship programs we have available, please visit our ISIS website

For more information on the CSAW events visit our website.

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