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smj01 23Sep2009 00:26

Error Message
I clicked on one of my files that is password protected (need to remove that somehow) and I get this error message.

"Word cannot open this document: User does not have access priviledges." Then it just lists out where the file is saved.

I'm not having a good computer day.

smj01 7Jan2010 20:50

Re: Error Message
Does anyone have any idea why I would get that error message? Thanks.

shabbir 11Jan2010 10:06

Re: Error Message
You do not have the permission to edit the file.

smj01 11Jan2010 21:51

Re: Error Message
But I don't understand why and how I can change that. I look at properties/security it lists my name under group or user names and then under the permission box for my name it was full control, modify, read & execute, read, and write all checked off under the allow column. So why can't I access it. I know it's password protected. I need to get that off somehow, but it won't even let me move the file now.

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