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smj01 22Sep2009 21:28

Need help
I have two word docs (version 2007) that I password protected. Unfortunately, I picked the passwords when I was angry at my husband and now I can't remember them. Is there a backdoor or some why I can get into these documents. They are very important to me, and I can't access them.

Please help. I've tried downloading a number of programs that run for days and days and they don't pull up even the first character.

Thank You.

rider 9Oct2009 00:15

Re: Need help
I Guess this will fix your problem. Take a look here

smj01 13Oct2009 00:23

Re: Need help
Thanks, but that didn't help. I tried the steps for version 2007 and it copied it, but it also copied the password. So now I can't get into the copy without the password.

When I protected the documents I when to (from the office button) - prepare - encrypt document. Then I selected the password. There is no way that I've tried to bypass this password box. I've tried changing it to a .rtf file, tried opening it in different programs (notepad etc..) and nothing seems to work. I've done countless internet searches as well as downloading trial versions of password recovery programs. Something has to work. I really, really need these documents.

smj01 7Jan2010 20:49

Re: Need help
Does anyone have any other ideas? I really need to get into these documents. Now, I can't even move one of them to a different drive. It says I don't have permission and when I look at the file name the type is in green instead of black.

SpOonWiZaRd 25Jan2010 15:05

Re: Need help
Yes, read this thread. http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=20162&page=2

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