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smj01 22Sep2009 21:25

Strange Icons
Not to sure where to put this.

I have some shortcuts on my desktop. One day I logged on and now the shortcuts look strange. On the bottom left of each one there is a small blue box with two >> in it. I'm not sure how they got there or how to get them off. Sounds silly I'm sure, but I'd really like to remove them. If someone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank You.

shabbir 22Sep2009 22:43

Re: Strange Icons
Delete them ASAP and moved to windows forum

smj01 23Sep2009 00:02

Re: Strange Icons
Ok, I did that. But what happened to put that strange little box on the icons? It wasn't on any of the other icons on my desktop (ie for outlook, word, excel etc...) only for files like word docs and spreadsheets and pictures (.jpg's).

smj01 23Sep2009 00:23

Re: Strange Icons
Just a follow up. I went into word and all of my files has that weird little blue box with the two >> on them. I can't delete all of my files. What is this box? What does it mean? How did it get there? And, how can I remove them?

Thank you for your help.

shabbir 23Sep2009 08:44

Re: Strange Icons
Scan your PC with Good Antivirus

smj01 23Sep2009 16:15

Re: Strange Icons
I ran Norton 360 last night. It didn't pull anything up. I'm so confused

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