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Helpless 20Sep2009 16:01

Cry for help
Hi all, first of all please go easy on me as I'm a newbie here and I'm sure a similar problem to mine have been highlighted many times on this site.

Right now I'm not really interested in the "how and why" I was hacked but I am certainly curious as to the "who". All this started about a month ago when a friend of mine emailed me quoting an email address from someone who had emailed her asking what they knew about me. This email to my friend contained information about some of my other email correspondences and also about other people I had previously emailed on AOL. All of the information could only have been gleaned if someone had managed to get access to my emails.

My friend actually gave me the email address of this person who had written to her so I wrote them an email asking, who they were and why they were doing it? I also told them I would be notifying the authorities. Would you believe that this person actually wrote back saying "game on"? My initial thought was to change my AOL password immediately but alas most of the damage had already been done as they already had access to many of my contacts from my address book and had also read my emails. As if this wasn't enough, this person actually undertook to phoning some of my contacts (again these phone numbers could only have been taken from my email account) and making life very uncomfortable for them. Some of them have been so scared that they have actually had their numbers changed. Imagine the guilt I am feeling for having some of my best friends go through this turmoil.

From the "game on" email this person wrote to me I managed to glean the IP address. This shows as an area not too far away and could be one of several people I know but I can't pin it down. Recently things have got a bit worse; I was a member of a couple of dating sites and this person has also managed to hack into those sites and send some extremely obnoxious emails to people, pretending to be me and obviously using my login info. I now have so many people emailing me, asking me why I'm being so nasty although I've done nothing wrong. To make matters worse, on one of the sites this person is clearly present under another ID and takes great pleasure in making a catty reference to me (by name) in the heading of her profile and saying "This is how I roll". I have written to the site and complained but all they have told me to do is to change my password.

Initially I thought this was someone having a bit of harmless fun and that it would stop as soon as they got bored. Unfortunately it is slowly beginning to take on massive proportions and is beginning to affect me in ways I never though it possibly could. As I said earlier, I'm not particularly interested in the "How & Why". It has now got so serious that I simply want to know who is doing it so I can at least confront them, let them know that I know who they are and force them to stop doing it.

Anyone who can assist me in this situation would be considered a God and I would show my appreciation in any way I could. I would be happy to forward a copy of the "game on" email and also give this person's email address to anyone who feels they might be able to help.

Thanks in advance


rider 9Oct2009 00:21

Re: Cry for help
I hate those kids . send anything you know about this to alex@hacked.ro . I will help you to fix all your accounts and perhaps i can help you to find this kid.

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