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manish.m.meshram 12Sep2009 10:46

Access sql server 2005 from internet

I want Access sql server 2005 from internet.

My website is running on internet And My
Sql Server is on Local Machine.

I Done port forwarding. I can Access Other Port,
but Sql server Is Not Accessible.

No firewall is on my Pc.

when i try configure sql server 2005.
SQL Server Browser to Configure SQL Server Express 2005 for Remote Access.
In Sql server Browser Properties.
Built in Account
I select Network Service.
When Apply These Changes
Following Error Occure:
"A member could not be added to a local group because the member has the wrong account type.[0*8007056c]"
My email id=manish.m.meshram@gmail.com

manish.m.meshram 12Sep2009 10:48

Re: Access sql server 2005 from internet
Internet------> Router in my network

------->LocalMachine(Windows 2003) -->Sqlserver2005

How access sqlserver through internet via Router in local


My router IP Address is =; My local machine which is connected to the router Ip

Address is= At port No=1433

tell how to connect to my sqlserver. Thanks for help in advance

shabbir 12Sep2009 11:23

Re: Access sql server 2005 from internet
Moved under the Database forum

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