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Samaritan X 12Sep2009 10:03

Xbox account hacked...
I have an xbox account that was hacked, and I see someone else below me that did that. It was just hacked about 45 minutes ago. It's a halo account mainly. I tried forcing him into a custom game so i could get his ip address, but i couldn't get him in. I know he lives in conneticut, and i have a lot of info about my account. the gamertag is
'Samaritan X' and the major reason I want is back is because it has recon armor. I have many accounts, but that is my only one with recon armor. I called microsoft, and they said they cannot help because another person called about it being stolen and they gave THEM the info... its the hacker. So... I have the current live id of it, the gt is up there. I can give all previous info to anyone willing to help... the secret answer is changed, alternate email is different, and the password is obviously different. Anything I can do to help is well appreciated. I have never seen these forums but I hope I can get some help. I consider myself an avid computer user, but not quite like a hacker. I know some things about the dark side of computing, but nothing near to help myself. I hope someone can help. Anything you need, I am willing to give in a private chat. If you help, we can both share the account for a time. I am the rightful owner of the account, and can give you ANY information about it. I have a popular youtube video about it on 'youtube.com/yellan13' that is where I believe the hacker found out about my account.

The Real Samaritan 12Sep2009 22:43

Re: Xbox account hacked...
Ok i know the story... because this account is mine. I wanted the account to a 50 so i gave it to my 'friend' LANstand to boost it. he ended up deleting all the friends, changing all the info. and i guess he sold it to you or something. I was the one that called microsoft about having the account stolen because it was mine in the first place. you cant call them to get it back anyway because i have the information the account was CREATED with when i signed up for xbox live. if you check the account date, its been on xbox live for almost two years now. thats when i started the account with totally different information now.

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