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MMReyes 8Sep2009 22:20

Problem with HP MINI
Hey Guys

My hp mini has caught a bugg i cant log in to any of the accounts like when tehy log in it last 5 seconds and then logs back out. The computer has no optical drive so i dont know how i can reformat it, can you guys help me.

Mario Melian Reyes

nimesh 9Sep2009 22:20

Re: Problem with HP MINI
it doesn't work in safe mode also?
if it works, download antimalware and remove the bug

MMReyes 11Sep2009 01:19

Re: Problem with HP MINI
No i doesnt let me get in ive tried safe mode and it logs me off also

indiansword 11Sep2009 03:06

Re: Problem with HP MINI
u can format the computer by pushing F11 at the startup.

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