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naimish 3Sep2009 11:44

Worth To Buy ?
Is it Worth To Buy Realince Netconnect ?

Need your review / suggestions :) Please.

pradeep 4Sep2009 11:35

Re: Worth To Buy ?
Try this http://www.mouthshut.com/product-rev...925102672.html

naimish 4Sep2009 11:36

Re: Worth To Buy ?
Okies, I ll check it later on :) as it's blocked right now here :(

naimish 4Sep2009 11:43

Re: Worth To Buy ?
How about BSNL EVDO ? I just came to konw about it from somewhere on Google...any idea ?

pradeep 4Sep2009 12:02

Re: Worth To Buy ?
I have heard about EVDO from a friend, he says it's a bit costly and is not available everywhere!

naimish 4Sep2009 12:06

Re: Worth To Buy ?
Hmm, Thanks....so let's see what I can get :(

nimesh 5Sep2009 21:03

Re: Worth To Buy ?
Last week only I saw Reliance NetConnect (Broadband) in working in office and I liked it.

Also heard that photon also gives good speed.

Seema786 7Sep2009 06:43

Re: Worth To Buy ?
i heard photon and realince both are the same.

naimish 7Sep2009 07:25

Re: Worth To Buy ?
I am planning to go for Hathway :D

mayjune 7Sep2009 23:32

Re: Worth To Buy ?
ask nimesh, hes using hathway..

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