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SaswatPadhi 2Sep2009 20:35

Windows 8 Coming Soon ...
The following innovative features are some of the many features that we could be seeing in Windows 8:
  • Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) service: A multi-master replication engine set up for folder synchronization across multiple servers. This may be something we will be seeing in Windows 8 Server.
  • Major improvements in BranchCache: BranchCache was a new feature developed in Windows 7. Basically when data from an intranet website or file server is accessed, it caches those files locally so the next user can access them more quickly. Major improvements can be expected for BranchCache.
These were some of Microsoft’s comments on the upcoming features:
DFSR is Microsoft’s premier file replication engine and is an integral part of our branch office strategy and File Server role. It can scale to thousands of servers and replicate hundreds of terabytes of data. We have shipped the technology that powers file sharing in Windows Live Messenger, Windows Meeting Spaces (Vista) and Branch Office replication in Windows Server 2008 which has strong customer deployment. DFSR technology saves MS-IT and our customers more than 80% WAN bandwidth by using advanced On-The-Wire differential compression,” the software giant adds in the job posting.
Source : http://windows8center.com/

shabbir 2Sep2009 21:34

Re: Windows 8 Coming Soon ...
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shipra123 5Nov2009 18:09

Re: Windows 8 Coming Soon ...
I am desperately looking forward to Windows 8. It will rock!

callyS 9Nov2009 00:18

Re: Windows 8 Coming Soon ...
Expected in 2011. Windows 7 released in October ‘09 and Windows 8 will be in 2011 or in 2012.

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