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Queen Danae 2Sep2009 14:34

Remove Torjan Horse
Hi. There's a virus in my pc, named torjan horse. This virus changes it's name and place every day. My antivirus version is a little old, but I can't download the latest version or a new one, cause everithing I download has a virus in it. Now I'm in trouble, cause the virus is in my mom's pc and she tried to delete the virus but she couldn't(she has a master in computers-shes a theacher in a high school I don't know how's this in english). There's also another virus who's named "infostealer" and it sloles info, password or your credit card number so we can't buy somethin from the internet if we want. How cam I remove these viruses:confused:? (Thanks for your attencion)

Queen Danae 2Sep2009 14:41

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
I made a spelling mistake sloles=stoles

neo_vi 2Sep2009 16:43

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
get a good antivirus and an antispyware and run scans. There are no other ways to fix this. boot your system in safe mode and try to scan it.

pankaj.sea 2Sep2009 22:07

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
I suggest you to download a free virus removal tool (Not a Antivirus) from another PC not from your PC and write in a cCD or DVD not in any PEN DRIVE! Then run it on your PC, I'm sure that it will remove viruses from your pc! Do not take it in any PEN drive because as its RAM device the virus may infect the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL's program file!
Download AVAST virus removal tool from here: Download

pankaj.sea 2Sep2009 22:18

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
Hello again!
I've forget to tell you thet while scanning run your pc in safe mode by pressing F8 just before the WIndows XP logo appears!

nimesh 5Sep2009 21:46

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
if you have good internet speed, you can also try online virus scanning, which is available by almost every anti-virus softwares

indiansword 6Sep2009 03:08

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
Couple of TIPS:

1. If your computer is already infected then none of the anti viruses are gonna help.
2. Download malwarebytees [google it] and run a full system scan... it scans registery as well which will give you the information of which files are affected... and at the end of the scan u will get an option to delete it.
3. Even after doing it you face the same issue, then go for "Hijack this log"

pankaj.sea 6Sep2009 07:07

Re: Remove Torjan Horse

Originally Posted by nimesh (Post 56919)
if you have good internet speed, you can also try online virus scanning, which is available by almost every anti-virus softwares

This is a really good idea!
You can try it!

faizulhaque 13Sep2009 02:49

Re: Remove Torjan Horse
also you Can use COMBOFIx (a Freeware virus Remover)

it's NICE and Still Working good

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