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canyouhelpme 31Aug2009 23:48

can someone help me?
I need someone to help me remove comments from a wordpress blog. The comments are completely innocuous (I was defending my restaurant from criticism that it was too expensive). Stupidly I made the statement that my restaurant was good, or better value when you compare like-for-like than similar restaurants in the area. This would be fine in the developed world, unfortunately I live in Thailand and some local people have take exception and started threatening me and my baby girl. I am really scared and just want the two comments removed before any more trouble is stirred up. I had no idea these comments would cause so much anger, and I really am afraid for my baby and my safety. I have explained this in an email to the owner of the wordpress blog, but he only checks it every few months and hasn't responded. Please can someone help me remove the comments? I am willing to pay of course.
Hopefully yours

13chungh1 1Sep2009 05:32

Re: can someone help me?
why dont you let us see your blog. Then ill see what 'we' could do

pankaj.sea 1Sep2009 08:00

Re: can someone help me?
Yes you should post your blog's link!
But in case of Bloggers, in the settings tab you can customize your posts or comments! I suggest you to search in the settings page of your blog [after logging in to it] that where is such a option "Display Comments". If you find it then simply turn it off or You can delete your that particular post, this will erase POST including COMMENTS but before that copy the whole post in any document and after deleting, aging POST it with out the unwanted words!
May be this will help you! Don't forget to tell what you have done!

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