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shabbir 29Aug2009 18:57

Age | 29 Aug 2009
When asked her 3 childrens ages, M said that A is the youngest unless B is, and that if C isn't the youngest then A is the oldest. Who is the oldest and who is the youngest?

SaswatPadhi 29Aug2009 19:03

Re: Age | 29 Aug 2009
I think, A is oldest and B is youngest. :thinking:
I haven't read the question very carefully though :p

nimesh 29Aug2009 19:13

Re: Age | 29 Aug 2009
yes, that's correct SP
even thought I did not get the logic behind it :)

and this weeks 3 question came from the same source :lol:

SaswatPadhi 29Aug2009 19:18

Re: Age | 29 Aug 2009
source ... ?
Even I would like to know :p

c_user 29Aug2009 22:48

Re: Age | 29 Aug 2009
saswatpadhi u hit on the point u r absolately right...............congrax
hav a gud day

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