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nadanasundaram 29Aug2009 13:33

need line by line explanation of this program in detail

#include <stdio.h>
void string_reverse_function(char *,int);
int main()
FILE *file_pointer;
char buffer[100];
char read1;
register int index = 0;
file_pointer = fopen("input_file","r+");
while((read1 = fgetc(file_pointer)) != EOF)
if((read1 == ' ') || (read1 == '\n'))
buffer[index] = '\0';
index = 0;
buffer[index] = read1;
void string_reverse_function(char word[],int length)
register int index;
char temp;
for(index = 0;index < length/2;index++)
temp = word[index];
word[index] = word[length -(1+index)];
word[length - (1 + index)] = temp;

shabbir 29Aug2009 16:23

Re: need line by line explanation of this program in detail
Why not ask the person who has written it

c_user 30Aug2009 04:16

Re: need line by line explanation of this program in detail
yes sabbir u r right......
nadanasundaram it will be better if u will ask the explanation of one or two lines..... but explainiion the total is not difficult but hactic job......
so better state ur ur question a little better next time....
hav a gud day...

vignesh1988i 4Oct2009 10:19

Re: need line by line explanation of this program in detail
the above mentioned displays the contents of the files one by one (ie) each WORD in reverse order followed by a new line character.....

SAMPLE i/p :
ur file contains : I LOVE MY MOTHER INDIA

Sample O/P :


1) since in this program , a FILE contents is gonna be made use of , a file pointer is been declared. (line 5)
2) since you are going to store the file contents by taking it as WORD by WORD , that word is goin to be stored in a temperory Buffer array. (line 6)
3) but in file u can read only by character by character , to first read it from the file we have a character variable read1. (line 7)
4) for indexing that buffer array we have a index as a variable .(line 8)
5) for opening a file . we must use the function fopen() function..... inside that function the first argument is the file name , second is the opening mode of that file.. here opening mode is "r+" , where we can both read as well as write (used for updation)..
6) now comes a very important string function , memset(); ,
THE SYNTAX OF THIS IS : void memset (char *s , unsigned char ch , int bytes)
a) where 's' denotes the starting address of the array , 'ch' refers to a particular character , 'bytes' refers , Till how many bytes i have to replace the character specified by 'ch' .....
b) then after using the function , upto the specified bytes it will be replaced by that character u have mentioned by 'ch'......
7) now he has used , this function ..... so it fills the character '\0' upto 100 bytes of memory in the buffer array......
8) now the program starts reading from the file , read1 gets character by character from the file pointer 'file_pointer'... and simultenously checks for END OF FILE (EOF)....
9) so next statement is , it is checking for spaces or Newline character.... since one of the termination condition for a word in english is SPACE or A NEW LINE... so the program checks for it........
10) A) if the above if condition becomes TRUE (ie) if the file encounters SPACE or A NEW LINE , the present buffer index is made '\0' and sent to a function called string_reverse_function() , This function will thus reverse the string which is passed as an argument.......... LIKE THIS IT MOVES............... ........... ...... ...
B) if the Above if statement is a FALSE (ie) the file is not encountering any SPACES or A NEW LINE , character by character is copied to the buffer array
11) Thus the program runs , and when the file encounters the EOF the while loop will terminate ................

hope this helps u .....:charming::charming:

thank u:):)

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