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anchitjindal07 28Aug2009 15:30

how to use sql in php
Sql is used for creating databases which consists of tables. But what ot do if we want to store some data which is in the form of paragraph of text....... For eg if we want to store contents of 'about us' page of a website in database what we will do

nimesh 29Aug2009 01:57

Re: how to use sql in php
Depending on the text size you can use any of the below

TINYBLOB, TINYTEXT - L + 1 bytes, where L < 28
BLOB, TEXT - L + 2 bytes, where L < 216
MEDIUMBLOB, MEDIUMTEXT - L + 3 bytes, where L < 224
LONGBLOB, LONGTEXT - L + 4 bytes, where L < 232

For more on Datatypes in MySQL, refer this

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