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dense 27Aug2009 03:50

ok heres the prob.... ive been tryina learn how 2 hack for the last 4 months. during that time ive read hundreds of tutorials & watched thousands of videos. ive also downoaded inumerable pieces of software. sadly however its been a complete waste of my valuable time & if i ever get hold of the people who posted lies to me im going to seriousley physically injure them. the point is im not stupid & i kno how to figure stuff out if im shown properly however the entire web comunity seems to be having a girrafe. i registered on hackthissite & not 1 method i was taught there actually works on a real website. ive copied & pasted variouse javascript & sql inj countless times & not 1 of them worked. i let kane & abel run for 48 hours tryina crack an md5 hash & it still couldnt figure out what the pwd was. why r these assholes wastin my time? r they hackers or comedians?! i didnt come here to like put a floral dress on & have a tea party! am i french? do i play the accordian? no!! dont direct me to crap that u kno does not work. i registered here coz i want to break into websites. u get me?! NOW does anybody wanna b seriouse & sho me how 2 hack stuff or wot?

unni krishnan.r 29May2010 13:47

Re: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today there are lots of sites which is to learn hacking but information contained is spam
and it may hack you so you must careful in that tutorials

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