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clarkd 27Aug2009 02:57

PHP & Mysql & Paypal?!

Okay firstly let me explain what Im trying to do.
I am setting up a site to sell custom handmade cards. A user will visit my site, and create a custom card with a simple form (theme, colours, recipient, message/blank etc etc). They then can add this card to a cart - then either checkout or add more cards etc.
When they checkout I need paypal to retrieve the right price and maybe details about their card? Then obviously process the payment and then I need to be able to show that that card has been payed for on my site -This is my problem.

I can create a card with details passed to paypal and get them to pay for it but I cannot then save this card to the database showing that it has been payed for. If you get what I mean?
Because obviously if you click checkout, then PHP saves to the DB then paypal processes payment (someone could "buy" a card without paying. It needs to save to the db after payment is processed, ie paypal needs to return some date.

Anyone know how or any suggestions?

Dave :)

pradeep 27Aug2009 10:35

Re: PHP & Mysql & Paypal?!
Paypal won't fetch anything from your site, you have to send the details to Paypal. Paypal won't provide you with the CC details, but it'll return an Invoice No. & Transaction ID

clarkd 27Aug2009 17:15

Re: PHP & Mysql & Paypal?!
Surely paypal will be able to return some variables to the "thankyou/success" page?

clarkd 27Aug2009 17:16

Re: PHP & Mysql & Paypal?!
And I dont need the CC details just the details of the card (colour, theme, size etc)

clarkd 29Aug2009 02:24

Re: PHP & Mysql & Paypal?!

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