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jhen10 26Aug2009 20:29

안녕하세요 !! Hello..
hi evryone.. im glad to be a part of this forum.. :happy:
and i am also looking forward to be friends with you.. yah.. thats u.. hehe..
hope that this will help me improve my programming skills.. 2 be honest, i am having a hard time creating a program.. were using c language.. i really hope that u could help me regarding my problems..
..thnx alot!!!!

mayjune 27Aug2009 02:15

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
Welcome to the forum, Please Use English only....
We would be glad to help you out..... :)

naimish 27Aug2009 08:37

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..


shabbir 27Aug2009 09:56

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..

jhen10 27Aug2009 12:53

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
thanks alot for a very warm welcome.. :)

naimish 27Aug2009 13:30

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
Our Pleasure :)

Grizzly 27Aug2009 23:13

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
Welcome, I am also new here, but, saw the Hangul and decided I couldn't pass this up, being I can actually read and pronounce the letters, and know exactly what you said lol. It caught my eye, and funny thing is, I'm a white American :D I just happened to live in Korea for a year lol.

mayjune 28Aug2009 19:54

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
hey welcome to you too, well what exactly did he say? :)

Grizzly 29Aug2009 13:20

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
Well, the characters literally read as "ahn-nyong-hah-sey-yoh. Which, is the informal way of of saying hi :D

jhen10 31Aug2009 10:11

Re: 안녕하세요 !! Hello..
sorry for the wrong way.. u_n.. actually im not a korean, i just want to express my self in korean language.. ^^

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