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infomax467 26Aug2009 04:18

Mozy Online Back-Up Problems
I installed MOZY FREE Backup software on my computer by following their instructions.
After installation, my computer kept freezing and then I got the Windows Blue Screen of Death!
Basically, MOZY FREE Backup CRASHED my computer.I could not even do a system restore. I had to restore my computer from scratch. I am still in the process of putting back all my programs and files, this is very time consuming.

Furthermore, after I backed up my files, I could not retrieve them using another computer. It kept telling me that I had to register and install MOZY Backup, it just would not retrieve my previous registration.
I am still not able to retrieve my files.Luckily, I kept local backups on some DVD's.MOZY may be free, but there is always a catch.Please be aware Mozy free backup could crash your computer?
Maybe that's how they get you; then they tell you have to purchase one of their plans???
FYI:I have 2GB of RAM and a 2.0 GHz AMD processor and it still CRASHED it!

naimish 26Aug2009 08:37

Re: Mozy Online Back-Up Problems
Is this allowed to advertise like this ?

shabbir 26Aug2009 09:11

Re: Mozy Online Back-Up Problems
Does not look like an Ad and probably a bad review of Mozy.

naimish 26Aug2009 09:12

Re: Mozy Online Back-Up Problems
See the another thread having same way of advertising.

shabbir 26Aug2009 09:15

Re: Mozy Online Back-Up Problems
Its gone.

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