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yohan 25Aug2009 06:29

How can I delete an svchost.exe?

naimish 25Aug2009 08:28

Re: svchost.exe

end task :d

SaswatPadhi 25Aug2009 13:31

Re: svchost.exe
Why should you at all ?????

svchost.exe is a normal (and *essential*) system process : Microsoft Service Host Process.
If you remove it, your system might cease to function.

To know more about svchost.exe, read this : http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windo...is-it-running/

@ naimish :
If you try ending svchost.exe like that, you will be presented with a system shutdown warning with a 1 minute time-out.
The only way to over-ride that auto-shutdown is "shutdown -a".

naimish 25Aug2009 13:34

Re: svchost.exe
No SP :) actually why he has asked to remove svchost.exe is I think the same problem I was facing.

Sometimes, there are so many svchost.exe files are running, only 1 is good and the rest are viruses...so need to remove them by ending.

The shutdown error is only come when you end the original one. I tried checking with an AV Systems, and it has delcared its as Virus :D

SaswatPadhi 25Aug2009 18:24

Re: svchost.exe
If it was about the virus issue, then it's ok to remove (end) an svchost.exe.
But, you should be *absolutely* sure b4 doing that, and removing system processes is not for novice users.

@ yohan :: Try removing the file yourself, if you really know what you are doing. Else, I would recommend using AV solutions.

naimish 26Aug2009 09:01

Re: svchost.exe
Try Kaspersky then, It knows how to go about it ;)

Saket 26Aug2009 13:58

Re: svchost.exe
svchost.exe is a system file, dont remove it, better you can go with an antivirus program and have it check.

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