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hanleyhansen 25Aug2009 05:59

Phonebook Project
I have a little project and I would appreciate anybody's assistance. I am in charge of organizing phone territories for my religious organization. Basically what we do is gather lists of phone numbers and addresses from the territory we are in charge of, in this case Passaic, NJ and we call people to share information about the Bible with them. Now, I know I can gather each one of the phone numbers one by one off of whitepages.com but I wanted to write a program to automate this. Using the reverse address lookup functionality found here:


I know I can just simply enter the street address and bring up the list of phone numbers for the entire street, but I'm looking to write a program that'll automate the procedure, make my life easier, and teach me something in the process. Can you guys think of any solution? I know Excel has the web queries functionality but I can't seem to get it going for this specific situation. Does anybody think they can help me out? I want to output an organized list from whitepages.com with names addresses and phone numbers. I placed this topic in the PHP forum because I didn't know where else to put it, so moderators, if it's in the wrong place or if anybody thinks theres a better solution totally unrelated to PHP please let me know.

asha 26Aug2009 10:46

Re: Phonebook Project
What kinda phonebook?

hanleyhansen 26Aug2009 22:50

Re: Phonebook Project
Thanks for responding. I'm just looking for any solution, not particularly PHP that can output the results from whitepages.com that way I can generate a list of phone numbers and addresses in my area. Any ideas?

vivek sharma12345678 12Sep2010 09:15

Re: Phonebook Project
project on phone book

vivek sharma12345678 12Sep2010 09:17

Re: Phonebook Project
I need a help.......4 my project " PROJECT ON PHONE BOOK "

pein87 16Sep2010 13:45

Re: Phonebook Project
Use whitepages API to get the info, create a xml reader that gets the data you want, save it as either your own xml file or to a database which you can query in house. For the most part most web services use JSON or xml which you could build the list easier in javascript then use server resources. Your going to need to know ajax to get the info and parse the return data as either xml or JSON and build the list that way and then save each entry in your database.

Or you could enter each manually in a db and write a script that handles that process. You could even assign them to groups, and state and city if you really want it to be detailed.

hanleyhansen 4Feb2011 19:32

Re: Phonebook Project
Thanks pein87. Good stuff.

ManzZup 4Feb2011 21:13

Re: Phonebook Project
you are trying to pass a query from a webpage and then retireve and store the output, right?
then i suggest something like VB, java [i'm not telling that php isnt suitable], but these langages will be easier to manipulate in something like this

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