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mayjune 22Aug2009 03:13

Do they really work?
i landed up on this link i don't know from where...
They say if you need any kinda programming help, just talk to them, ofcourse they charge your for /min. You can get your projects done by them too...
But i really wonder, Do they actually do your work? Or these are fake ?
Here's the link
I am not interested in getting my work done, but i wanna know if such services are fake so i can warn people, and if they work i can tell people these things do work sometimes. I know in reality they do, people do other peoples projects. I know 4th year Engg projects, you get it for some 20,000 Rs (approx 400 $). But i don't know if they do on net too..

shabbir 22Aug2009 09:48

Re: Do they really work?
It does to an extent but go4expert help is far better unless you can pay thousands of $$.

See my profile and I have done some testing on this and for clients its too costly but for experts its good.

Here is the link to go4expert Affiliates - http://www.go4expert.com/go/lp/ but never worked for Go4Expert.

mayjune 22Aug2009 16:41

Re: Do they really work?
so those 6 reviews are actual reviews of real people you did work for?

shabbir 22Aug2009 17:25

Re: Do they really work?
Yes they took my service as a developer

mayjune 22Aug2009 19:42

Re: Do they really work?
Cool man, If i ever need some professional help, or anyone, i'll refer them to you... :) 'Coz if you cheat i can catch you :p

shabbir 22Aug2009 23:53

Re: Do they really work?
:) but instead of referring them there you can refer them here and they would get similar thing for free.

mayjune 23Aug2009 00:18

Re: Do they really work?
Hehehe nice one...

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