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CastNotice 18Aug2009 14:53

Primetime TV Show Now Casting for September
"Numb3rs", a popular mystery/thriller TV show, is now casting major roles for production this September.

This show is about a brilliant mathematician who solves complex cases for the FBI by using special math equations.

The episode casting this week is called "Where Credit's Due", and it is about a mysterious string of murders which happen to match the plot of an upcoming movie.

"Numb3rs" is written by Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci, and is being directed by J. Miller Tobin, Alex Zakrzewski, and John Behring.

The show is produced by Ridley Scott, Barry Schindel, Nicolas Falacci, Cheryl Heuton, and Andrew Dettmann for Scott Free Productions.

Send emails to TalentNotice@gmail.com by August 20th for more info.



"Lorelle", any ethnicity, 20s. Lorelle is a pretty, attractive, and flirty young woman who is going out on a first date with a guy she recently met named Grant. Lorelle is an adventurous person, and she convinces Grant to go with her on a scavenger hunt out in the middle of the desert. Grant happily agrees, and they drive out to the desert together. But while the two of them are on their romantic outing, they are shocked to suddenly find the body of a murder victim. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Carolyn", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Carolyn is a high-energy, powerful, and demanding female studio executive who was responsible for giving the green light to the thriller script that was written by Chris. Soon after the movie is produced, a string of real-life killings begin to happen that seem to be based on the movie. Carolyn doesn't seem concerned about it, and she has already begun planning to make a sequel. But Carolyn doesn't know that she might be the next planned victim of the crazed killer. PRINCIPAL ROLE


"Tyson", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Tyson is a talented, quiet, and a potentially twisted young screenwriter who is working as the personal secretary and office boy to a very successful movie producer. Or at least, he was working for him----until the producer turned up mysteriously killed. Though Tyson seems to be harmless and good-natured at first, we gradually begin to see a different side of him. It becomes clear that he has a dark side that no one realized, and he eventually becomes a suspect in the murder. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Grant", any ethnicity, 20s. Grant is a charming, fresh-faced, and lovestruck recent college grad who is head over heels in love with a pretty young woman named Lorelle. He is ecstatic that Lorelle has agreed to go out on a first date with him. The two of them drive out to the desert for a fun game of scavenger hunt. But during their date out in the desert, they accidentally stumble upon the body of a murder victim. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Chris", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Chris is an egotistical, annoying, and self-promotional Hollywood script writer who tends to copy other people's ideas and proclaim them as his own. Chris is always bragging about his own talents and everyone quickly gets bored of listening to him. One of his scripts has recently been made into a big movie, and soon a string of killings in real life seem to be directly inspired by his story. The police begin to suspect that Chris may be responsible for these murders. CO-STARRING ROLE

"Victor", any ethnicity, 50s. Victor is an eccentric, unkempt, and seemingly-sleazy movie prop man who is questioned by the police about a recent murder victim. He outlines in detail for them his last encounter with the murder victim, and Victor ends up providing them with important clues for the case. CO-STARRING ROLE

Please send photos and resumes to TalentNotice@gmail.com by August 20th for more information!


shabbir 19Aug2009 09:37

Re: Primetime TV Show Now Casting for September
Duplicate of National TV Show "The Forgotten" Now Casting. Thread closed.

If you have some more info to be added you can use the same thread.

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