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SaswatPadhi 16Aug2009 20:08

HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
Here are some beautiful HTML hierarchy plots for some domains :
(Source : WolframAlpha)

Go4Expert :
Isn't that beautiful ?

Gaia Online : (the biggest forum)
I don't think this one is as interesting as G4EF's.

Big-Boards :

WebsiteOutlook :
Look at that huge supernova of links (<a>) (each color refers to a particular html tag).

YouTube :

MySpace :

eBay :

PayPal :

Yahoo :

MegaUpload :
Perfect Diwali crackers :p
Hulu :


WolframAlpha :

Google :


SaswatPadhi 16Aug2009 20:12

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
The plot basically presents the number of various HTML elements found at various domains.

Here is a graph with legend, for Go4Expert.com ::


mayjune 16Aug2009 20:18

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
quite cool, reped you...

Hey anyone knows where is this used? If any i.e.

shabbir 17Aug2009 08:43

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
I dont see anything. Am I missing anything.

mayjune 17Aug2009 15:55

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
huh!!! Where did all the pictures go??? aa something is wrong here....
saswat did you do something???

SaswatPadhi 17Aug2009 19:17

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
OK. The problem is corrected now. :)

WolframAlpha stores the "generated" images, temporarily on its server, and after sometime, the link to the "generated" images die ... the image is regenerated (from the updated data, available on their severs) when a request is sent.
So, the images were not visible. I manually saved all the images and re-uploaded them to imageshack and updated the links here.

Sample image location URL from Wolfram Alpha (will expire soon :p) ::
Code: URL


shabbir 17Aug2009 19:25

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
Nice pattern and probably it shows how variant your HTML Tags are. May be but not sure if its of any use

SaswatPadhi 17Aug2009 19:34

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
Yeah, even I doubt .. if it's of any use.

Wolfram Alpha makes knowledge computable.
So, it's maintaining a statistical analysis for every possible data.

nimesh 18Aug2009 00:03

Re: HTML Element hierarchy from WolframAlpha
nice info.

I had seen this for G4EF, but didn't thought of bringing all the big fish along :)

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