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pete00 14Aug2009 19:07

Hi everyone! Project up for grabs

I am looking for someone that wants to earn some money on the side and that can take on a serious project. Must have professional approach and be creative.

Project involves:
Website with many features, user and maintenance side. High quality site easy-to-use. Must be able to design database, insert formulas/queries and display information in dynamic setting. Integrate aspects like incremental search, google maps with specific overlay. User registration and further customizing. And much more.

Please only serious reactions and please state what you can do, if you have the time, wage, and where you are from.


shabbir 15Aug2009 10:11

Re: Hi everyone! Project up for grabs
Moved to Freelance marketplace.

gennadii 9Sep2009 02:06

Re: Hi everyone! Project up for grabs
Hello Pete,

I am web-developer with 3 years experience in development PHP&MySQL applications.
Also competent in HTML, CSS, Javascript. Very diligent and hard-working.
Currently looking for freelance opportunity. I am ready to work 20h per week and start even now.
I am from West Europe. Fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Best regards,

shabbir 9Sep2009 09:25

Re: Hi everyone! Project up for grabs
Pete, See http://www.go4expert.com/go/ciw

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