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mayjune 13Aug2009 01:22

New Google Coming Soon
They are changing a lot in how they search...
for more check these links

shabbir 13Aug2009 09:23

Re: New Google Coming Soon
Looks interesting

naimish 13Aug2009 12:56

Re: New Google Coming Soon
I got this :

Please try your search again in a few hours.

We are upgrading elements of our data center. The Caffeine sandbox should be available for searching again in a few hours. :(

mayjune 14Aug2009 01:19

Re: New Google Coming Soon
where you got that?

nimesh 18Aug2009 01:26

Re: New Google Coming Soon
I used sandbox, got different results.
And the count was more than the current google search.

What's changed?

callyS 21Aug2009 22:40

Re: New Google Coming Soon
I was going through the articles about new Google. Looks like new google is fast. Code name Caffeine. According to this article, SEO will be even more important - http://mashable.com/2009/08/10/google-caffeine/

And If you haven't tried the test version of the new Google, here it is - http://www2.sandbox.google.com/

yohan 1Sep2009 04:54

Re: New Google Coming Soon
Is it all about Google Caffeine? Looks pretty interesting. Google have lots of interesting surprises.

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