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tsreekaanth 11Aug2009 13:00

How to send SMS using JSP?
hi all

I am developing a web application which is having login credentials. My doubt is if an user of my my website lost/forgot his username/password a form which contains phone number field. automatically the lost username/password will be sent to his/her mobile.

can anyone help how this can be accomplished.

should v use an SMS gateway/ by using some API v can do this?

can anyone tell how i should proceed....

tsreekaanth 13Aug2009 18:47

Re: How to send SMS using JSP?
hi everyone.... i wanted my application to send SMS... pls help me in doing that....

naz_d28 30Aug2009 16:02

Re: How to send SMS using JSP?
I guess wat could help u is like ur website to a sms website in order to send free sms.

rahul_mawana 4Nov2009 15:41

Re: How to send SMS using JSP?
Yes You will have to use a sms gateway ,
before some time i did this using perl using www.sms1.in gateway
i used sms::Api module in that,
that was so simple,
but the problem was that u will have to make a account on that,
so You can use this gateway to send the sms,
now just do google for sending sms code in jsp

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