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naimish 10Aug2009 22:32

Study In USA
Hi Frds,

Yeah, I know, This is out of forum topic, but what I want is only help.

I am planning to go USA for further Study but I don't know anything about it.

Do you know the exact procedure or website link or anything which can help me to get to know about the same ?

Any help will be much appreciated.


shabbir 10Aug2009 22:34

Re: Study In USA
Try asking such @ www.mbaguys.net

naimish 10Aug2009 22:36

Re: Study In USA
Ohk, Thanks :)

Seema786 11Aug2009 17:34

Re: Study In USA
may be you can ask some consultancy, i heard they are very good all in this but beware of such fradulant activities

mayjune 12Aug2009 01:50

Re: Study In USA
what course are you going for? MBA or MS?

callyS 31Aug2009 00:24

Re: Study In USA
You need a guidance counselor. They help you prepare for the tests needed, apply to the universities that you want to apply to and provide Visa help. They also help you with costs, funds, financial aid and loans.

naimish 31Aug2009 12:26

Re: Study In USA

what course are you going for? Mba or ms?

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