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Elizbat 10Aug2009 14:49

Liquid Design Website
I m interested in developing a website that is compatible with every display design.
What resources would you point me to? I have heard that liquid design is the solution. What is liquid design? Is it just a case of not setting the width in pixels or is there more to it?

shency 26Aug2009 11:13

Re: Liquid Design Website
What is Liquid Desgin?

##sHellBoy## 12Oct2009 19:31

Re: Liquid Design Website
Liquid design is the same as 'flow' design... (or should be)
Is a technique of design that allows the webdesigner to create a layout that is expandable or reducible depending on the size of the client computer screen.

See this article: tjkdesign.com/articles/one_html_markup_many_css_layouts.asp

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