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nimesh 9Aug2009 20:58

Must Watch Videos

Seema786 9Aug2009 21:17

Re: Must Watch Videos
thanks for sharing dear

mayjune 10Aug2009 17:56

Re: Must Watch Videos

nimesh 10Aug2009 20:01

Re: Must Watch Videos
Did you like it?

mayjune 10Aug2009 20:49

Re: Must Watch Videos
Rain effects and Dress change was awesome, Acting thing was out of sync
Jai ho was funny and cool...they couldn't say it properly but it was cool :) energy was awesome...

naimish 10Aug2009 21:57

Re: Must Watch Videos
Frds, Now when you have already started the topic of most watched videos, let me just share one of it with you.

I was surfing orkut when I found this video in one of my frd's account, it has comments like this :

This video wll bring you to tears when i watched this i thought it to b another ordinary video but believe me it has a very deep meaning inside it and will make u think twice before makin fun of lovers. "Love can be tough sometimes, but if you love with all your heart, it can be blind"... realy frnd ...

First time I thot may be some useless comments, though I watched that video and after it got completed, I had no word with me.

Let me share it with you, please share your opinion about it.

nimesh 10Aug2009 21:57

Re: Must Watch Videos
Jai Ho!!!!

mayjune 10Aug2009 21:59

Re: Must Watch Videos
naimish, please post the link properly!!! so that we can see it

naimish 10Aug2009 22:01

Re: Must Watch Videos

naimish, please post the link properly!!! so that we can see it
Update The Link Buddy :D

nimesh 10Aug2009 22:03

Re: Must Watch Videos
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