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pankaj.sea 8Aug2009 15:36

Slow Site!
Now-a-days, go4expert.com is going slow among all the slower sites! It takes too time to open!!! :mad:
Any suggestion to fix this????? :mean:

shabbir 8Aug2009 19:13

Re: Slow Site!
Does anybody experience the same?

I dont see anything in the server logs or any such thing.

SaswatPadhi 8Aug2009 20:34

Re: Slow Site!
Nope. Works perfectly fine for me. :D

nimesh 9Aug2009 21:11

Re: Slow Site!
neither me.
it might be something else.

Is it that all sites take time to load?
What anti-virus do you have? few anti-virus makes the browsing slower than normal due to scanning browser processes.

SaswatPadhi 10Aug2009 14:02

Re: Slow Site!
Yeah, some AVs make browsing slow.
You may want to turn off your AV's HTTP Traffic Scanning.

mayjune 4Sep2009 03:08

Re: Slow Site!
Works fine.. Try accessing from any other computer from the same net connection and different one. See if you feel any difference. If not report.

naimish 4Sep2009 08:36

Re: Slow Site!
Yup, Not @ all slow for me :D

indiansword 6Sep2009 03:16

Re: Slow Site!
it works fine from my laptop which has fast connection but slower from the desktop which is relatively slow. So i think the OP is facing same issue.

DevPro 6Jun2010 19:24

Re: Slow Site!

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 54590)
Does anybody experience the same?

I dont see anything in the server logs or any such thing.

You can take a look into your Google Webmaster Tools account. There you will find a chart of the average load time aggregated from thousands of chrome users. :smug:

But its fast for me..

unni krishnan.r 16Jun2010 20:45

Re: Slow Site!
Yeah Its slow here
also when i click from
Programming and SEO Forum > Go4Expert > General > Suggestions and Feedback
to go4expert sometimes i get struck
and also message come to force quit firefox{Sometimes}

In month of may go4ef was fast
Now (i think slow)

{MAy be i chk with some of forum sites to confirm}

also images in postes are loaded minutes after article comes

Submitting treads also cause time

I use BSNL 500c combo plan

Other site are not bit slow

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