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SaswatPadhi 5Aug2009 18:58

Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
SaswatPadhi has reported a post.


(1) Posted in the wrong forum.

(2) Request for cracking software.
Post: I need to crack this program
Forum: Help n Support
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Posted by: TripleTee
Original Content:

Hey all, I'm a new member here. Excuse the haste, I'll introduce myself better in another thread.

I've been trying so hard to find cracks for 2 animation programs called Retas! Pro and Cartoon Television Program pro 1.8. or ctp pro 1.8. I've never been able to get their cracks.

I managed somehow to download craagle but I needed to add a proxy to it. I have a proxy but in no way was I able to figure out how to enter the data in the first place. all I see is an empty notepad named proxy.txt.

if anyone here has any idea how I can crack these programs I would very much appreciate your help.

SaswatPadhi 5Aug2009 19:00

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
As for the email account hacking requests, we should have some strict rules for software cracking requests too.
At minimum, thread should be removed and user should be warned.
Further actions might include infractions and/or temporary/permanent banning.

mayjune 5Aug2009 19:05

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
i agree... these things should be taken seriously...

TripleTee 5Aug2009 19:07

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
pardon me. I had no idea this forum restricted that. my bad.

shabbir 5Aug2009 19:13

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
Thread removed as of now but as you realized I have not given any infraction

mayjune 5Aug2009 19:15

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
It says "Ethical Hacking". Remember, Ethical and things will be smooth for you...
have fun..

TripleTee 5Aug2009 23:53

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
i'm just a newbie Sas. give or don't give an infraction makes no difference to me. that is if i were to understand I am to be honored

since when was hacking ever ethical? so if I were to give you a good reason why i need those cracks you would've given them?

well thanks anyways.

Saket 5Aug2009 23:56

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
May be you can use Security instead ;)

mayjune 6Aug2009 00:03

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
Had you asked a question like "how do you crack an application using Ollydbg?" or "how can i implement reverse engineering?", we would have helped you....but this doesn't come under ethical. Since you are asking for a readymade crack, not how to learn cracking...

Hacking was never meant to exploit, it was only to explore and find how things really work inside, but some people took it to a different side, and thus to differentiate they added a word - "Ethical"
If you want to know more, check the Ethical hacking articles, you'll get the idea....

Saket 6Aug2009 00:09

Re: Reported Post by SaswatPadhi
I do agree with you mayjune, Hacking never means to exploit. Instead it's works like to prevent exploit.

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