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mayjune 31Jul2009 23:55

Reported Post by mayjune
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please move it to suggestion forum!
Post: Should we have online gaming contest?
Forum: Chit-Chat
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Posted by: mayjune
Original Content:

Hi all,
I thought of adding more fun to the competitions. Shall we have online gaming contest, like flash pool game or cricket game etc etc and every month, The one to have the highest score gets some prize (that shabbir should decide). It'll add to more connectivity among G4EF members, new level of competitions, will add to the traffic on to the site, and it'll be fun to have something to do when you are bored too :)
I Think its a great idea. For the competition only those games are allowed which have no upper limit in terms of scores! That way by the end of the month we can have one Champion of the month, which can be displayed in there avatar!
What say guys!
Poll in!!

shabbir 1Aug2009 09:43

Re: Reported Post by mayjune

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