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mayjune 30Jul2009 15:22

Games in vb?
hey i have to make a game using vb6 as a project.(only vb6 nothing else)
But the idea is the game has to be unique, since our teacher is like else you'll copy it from the net.
Any ideas guys ?
I have couple of ideas, but I wanted to think of more ideas, so if you have one please share..Thanks

xpi0t0s 30Jul2009 16:28

Re: Games in vb?
Wow that's a really tough call - asking you to come up with a totally original idea for a game.
Is he expecting everyone in the class to come up with a totally original idea?
Or is that not what he really said? I'm not a bad programmer but I'm completely useless at thinking up new ideas for stuff to do (otherwise I'd be in business on my own not digging someone else's ditch), let alone completely original ideas that nobody could have ever published on the net.
Perhaps you could ask the teacher what he expects and how you could prove that you didn't copy it from online if it turned out you hadn't actually come up with a completely original new idea.

mayjune 30Jul2009 17:06

Re: Games in vb?
yes He IS asking (all of) us to come up with an original idea. Well even if i don't get a completely new idea i should twist and turn an old idea of a game to something new or add something new in it to make it original. It should have some level of difficulty to play too...And the game shouldn't be that easy as Tic Tac Toe...(or that famous)

He loves us being in a mess, so asking him is no point. As for proving its my idea, the only way is to know the game back of my hand, its history (if it exists from before) its algo, how i made it, what all i used etc.

I don't know what to do...? Tommorow is the day i have to submit the name and description of the game..

offtopic - you do have a cool mind xp, i am sure you can come up with some cool ideas for your business or you can ask us ;)

xpi0t0s 30Jul2009 17:24

Re: Games in vb?
Hmm, ok, so you want an idea that is completely original and not from anywhere on the internet, and you're asking someone on the internet to give you that answer? I don't think one is logically possible...

But a variation on an existing game is a possibility. You could have a look at variants of existing games and see if you can extend the range of variants in some way. For example look at all the chess variants http://www.chessvariants.com/ - this could give you some idea of new chess variants to come up with, or it could give you some idea on how to create a new variant of a different game, for example Backwards Chess is a well known variation http://www.chessvariants.org/index/m...backwardsstale and maybe you could create a backwards version of something else: backwards draughts for example (not that one of course now, because that would be one you found on the internet, i.e. here).

If the long term aim of the project is to create such a game, you wouldn't necessarily have to create an AI for the game you come up with but you may be able to create a program that enforces the rules for a two player game (for example if a player tried to perform pawn e6-e4 in backwards chess, that would be impossible and would cause an error). But beware of thinking up a game with complex rules because you may be required in the next step to implement at least a rudimentary AI, and chess is a very difficult game to implement (I've tried! and even just to get all the moves sorted out for an exhaustive search chess puzzle solver takes a lot of work).

mayjune 31Jul2009 19:54

Re: Games in vb?
The teacher was absent today :p but someone in batch thought of a game using voice control...which is quite unique considering the games i have seen over the net...

xpi0t0s 31Jul2009 20:35

Re: Games in vb?
Worst. Idea. Ever.
Try playing a game for five minutes and see how much control goes into it. Could you speak that fast? Would you even want to? What about playing at night when others in the house are asleep?
Anyway there's nothing novel about controlling computers by voice.

mayjune 4Aug2009 21:47

Re: Games in vb?
Ok the games finalized...its
The Mystic Squares... (15 puzzle with a different name ;) )
i added some twists to it to make it original..
here are some features i thought to add

1. Single & Multi-Player Compatibility.
2. Level Option - Easy and Hard.
3. Two Level Grid – 3x3 and 4x4.
4. Puzzle Gnerator with Puzzle Solvalbility checking.
5. Puzzle Solver with Animation.
6. Top 5 Scores with Name Display.
7. Keyboard and Mouse Inputs.
8. Timer to clock time.
9. Moves Counter.
10. Option to Choose Style of Blocks.
11. Completely new puzzle - instead of up,down,left,right movements it'll have diagnol movements,
ofcourse it won't have a solver as for that i'll have to devise new algorithms and that would take a lot of time :)
12. One cool idea i found which i haven't seen been implemented. Program will record each movement you make to solve the puzzle, and those movements will be used to generate a song based on values to each movements....it has no use as such, but the idea is cool and definetly unique....no 15 puzzle on net i have seen done this.. :)
check these References to know more of them...
http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/fifteen.htm http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mdr/teachi...lvability.html

anyone has any other ideas?? or any comments on these features, or how to make them better, do share...thanks...

ManzZup 24Jan2010 20:03

Re: Games in vb?
dude what's the engine you used?

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