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rahul_mawana 30Jul2009 13:12

Help Me Perl Guru plz it's urgent
hello friends
i have a big problems,i have maken a perl program.It has two parts one is
server side and one is client side,it is simple and it used to send
message from server to client and client to server as just
write the message and press enter from both side(server and client) one by
one.I tested it on my single pc.it is working.But it is not working
on internet(i m using PPP address),i have a small LAN using a switch and
have a internet connection also(cable coming out from modem has been put
in to switch).
when i run my program on it then it doesn't run on it say "cannot call
accept method on an undefined value"
i know this error for ip address i m using ppp address of current system
plz help me

pradeep 8Aug2009 13:23

Re: Help Me Perl Guru plz it's urgent
Check firewall, may be it block your client/server program. Also check whether you are NAT-ed

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