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indiansword 30Jul2009 11:13

Who thanked me?
I see that I have received 3 thanks in 2 posts, is there any way to check who thanked me in which post?


naimish 30Jul2009 11:36

Re: Who thanked me?
I think as of now we don't have option if we can direclty find who thanked you in which post, anyways, I think I have thanked you in that hacked email's topic :D

shabbir 30Jul2009 12:21

Re: Who thanked me?
Check out the profile. It is there in the stats Tab

naimish 30Jul2009 12:28

Re: Who thanked me?
Hmm, yeyeyeye, I am now able to find it :D Thanks shabbir

shabbir 30Jul2009 12:57

Re: Who thanked me?
The pleasure is all mine :D

mayjune 30Jul2009 20:12

Re: Who thanked me?
can we be subscribe to thank you's too? like we are to the posts? that way we get to know about our thanks too...

unni krishnan.r 17Jun2010 10:30

Re: Who thanked me?
yeah nice idea

You have got thanks from :------
In you ____________ post

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