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shabbir 30Jul2009 09:43

Best Antivirus You prefer
Which Anti Virus do you use and why?

If all were free which one would you use then ?

naimish 30Jul2009 10:11

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
I would definately use Norton. Because of it's powerfull security and easy to use services. I have used most of all the listed antiviruses and tested them with my pc. The worst ever for me is Kaspersky which is so much deficult to use and it will hand and crash your pc sometimes. The rest are fine but for me, Norton is the Best ;)

indiansword 30Jul2009 11:11

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
My vote for AVAST [thought it isnt included in the list].

SaswatPadhi 30Jul2009 17:53

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
BitDefender of course.

mayjune 30Jul2009 19:41

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
Kaspersky, (in others) it has most advanced features and a tight firewall

nimesh 31Jul2009 01:23

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
I used to like Kaspersky a lot, and even I refer it to others.
But once it happened that It did not stop a trojan, so I've lost my trust on it (at least for me)
I just like to play it safe.

If I'm suspicious about some file, I prefer this

pankaj.sea 24Aug2009 10:41

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
None of these!
I think Kaspersky is the best!

naimish 24Aug2009 11:02

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
Kaspersky is the worst I cud ever Have. :(

pankaj.sea 24Aug2009 21:27

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
Hi naimish!
I think you are wrong! Have you ever used norton in a P4 pc which has not a good configuration!
If not then check it that after installing norton are u able to do some work in that pc!
I think NORTON is most bad, I can tell u some viruses which are not detected by norton "lax.exe","avg,vbs" etc.
And kaspersky is so difficult to use and for me it has never crashed a pc even it is a P3!

mayjune 24Aug2009 22:11

Re: Best Antivirus You prefer
nortan is bad i agree, kaspersky is confusing, but its good. I have been using it... It blocked things even from the sites on its own...

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